Episode-25- Quarry Fest 4/20 Update 4-1-19

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Today is Monday, April 1st 2019 episode 25 and it’s Music Monday, a weekly podcast were we talk about anything music related going in my life or in the valley so nice they named it twice, Penns Valley. 

On todays episode I will be updating you on the progress of putting together Quarry Fest 4/20 and reviling the band list for the event.

Today’s sponsor


Tickets for Quarry Fest


Band Lineup 

Karl and Alie

The Crow Flies

The Rusty Kit


Gene Gibson

Dave Brown


Eric Ian Farmer

Lexi Moyer

The Unbanned

Hanna Bingman

Obvious Pocket

No Remorse

Swallow The Pride

Shizzle Tang

Needed for Quarry Fest 4/20

Wrist Bands

Gold cart from Henry

Merch tent

First Aid person

Fences henry


Ramp certified for id badges

Song of the day is

Quarry Fest Jingle

Written by Dennis Alan

Performed by Dennis Alan and Nicole White

More information on the 

Woodward Quarry 

My website

Dennis Alan

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