Episode-11- Music Mondays My Music Experiences 2-25-19

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Episode-11- Music Mondays My Music Experiences 2-25-19

Hello hello everyone this is Dennis Alan and your listening to the Dennis Alan City Boy Homesteader Podcast. A city boy who gave it all up to find happiness, financial freedom and a better way to live life. Together we can learn and accomplish anything.

Today is Monday, February 25th 2019 episode -11 and it’s Music Monday, a weekly podcast were we talk about anything music related going in my life or in the valley so nice they named it twice, Penns Valley. 

On this episode I will be sharing my limited music stories with you the way plan to interview  others to learn about their music experiences. 

We will be talking about

Old records




System of a Down  not

Bestie Boys

Willie Nelson

Snoop Dogg/ Bishop Don Juan

Little Kim

Ja Rule

The Fugees


ZZ Top 


House of Pain

Annie Lennox from Eurythmics 

Death Metal club

Velvet Revolver  Slash, Duff McKagan


Ice T

Tribe Called Quest

Back Street Boys

98 Degrees

Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow and Quinneth Paltrow

Sugar Ray

Keith Murray

Madonna and Britney Spears…Not

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The Woodward Quarry Amphitheater in Woodward, PA


Song off the Day

Aerosmith Dream On

My new coffee shop

The IngleBean Coffee Shop


My new amphitheater 

Woodward Quarry


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