About Us

My name is Dennis Alan and after a lifetime in the NYC area living and working for the man, I gave it all up to build a new off grid lifestyle. I bought about 29 acres smack in the middle of central Pennsylvania that came with two old rock quarry’s. The smaller quarry has a beautiful cave in it and the larger one became a local hangout for late night parties, huge bonfires and a dump for the community. After buying the property local excavator John Claar used the scattered rock and the trash to build a road going to the top. During the construction of the road the former owner, who still owns the rest of the organic beef and cheese farm, suggested that his childhood friend John Claar also put in a stage for a possible music venue. Don’t they say “build it and they will come”?

Now we are trying to expand our vision to provide a parking lot and a way to power the venue totally off grid with the help of solar power. Stay tuned for a crowd raising to help make our dream a reality.

Here is the first video of me showing the Woodward Quarry

Video of building the quarry

Quarry Fest Video